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Describes the state just before falling asleep where you're technically awake but are absolutely useless to anybody
You won't get any sense out of Vicky, she's gone poink!
by DtotheJtotheE July 10, 2009
The action (and noise relating to this action) during intercourse when "it" slips out of the vagina, while at the same moment a sudden rush of air fills the void.
We laughed so hard when, while changing positions, my penis slipped out making a very funny "poink" sound.
by 4nikator May 11, 2008
The action of poking a boob, titty, or breast, with a minimal amount of force, creating a slight discomfort.
Jeremi poinked Sonia this afternoon, and she has been complaining of her sore breast.
by Youngshe July 22, 2008
The action (and noise relating to this action) of piercing open a jar with a paper/foil seal on top, usually done with a spoon for best effect!
That poink made a very satisfying noise!


Can you poink the new jar of coffee for me?
by Tracey November 20, 2003
The act of tapping on a touchscreen device with a straight stiff finger with an unnecessary amount of force out of frustration in operating the stupid device.
What are you doing? Stop poinking my new ipad to death. That will not make it work the way you want it to.
by iPad illiterate May 10, 2011
Generally a noun.
When used to describe a person, it turns to 'Poinkster'
"That Poinkster over there stole that poink and was being all poink about it"
"Man! What a poinkster!"
by Mrs. Ocampo April 18, 2010
(verb): to hop joyfully and suddenly to life
(noun): the sound made by such action, either real or imagined
When hooly's barrel jumped out of the crusher, typecast exclaimed, "I like how it *poinks* out of there and probably into the hands of an ecstatic, friendly worker."
by SPQC May 01, 2008
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