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Describing the body in an extremely poetic way, especially when you're high.
"Dude... What would you call this?: describing how your body feels when you're hella high, just in a really poetic state?"

"Fucke dude.... Poenatomy."

" I felt like this like, fusion kinda energy like, flowin’ through me and like… Dude. It was fucking weird. I felt heavy, but light at the same time. And like. My body was trying to lean, but the bones were still standing tall.” I was saying some weird ass shit, and Savvy was like that’s fucking trippy. I was like “ya dude… Like. Some kinda anatomical poetic kinda shit…”

“I don’t know, dude. Whatever it was, that shit was trippy.”

“I guess, bro. Just like…. What would I call that *THOUGHTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS*…. Ana… At-tom-etry, anatoetic…”

Then Savvy suggested: “Poenatomy.”
by cambria1129 April 01, 2011

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