past over dosed
"My nigga lets get PODed, so high, so high, reefer and blunts is all thats needed."

by Incline January 27, 2004
To convert a movie or video into ipod format.
Hey dog, have you poded that movie yet?
by cornyname89 September 09, 2008
Another name for an I-Pod
Yo man why you be taking my Pod for?
by DonChuy101 March 18, 2008
pod short for paulaodual a transsexual in Ireland
pod = paid on delivery
pod = paulaodual ------to many examples for o dual to list here ??????
by paulaodual August 06, 2008
Pussy On Demand
He has more POD than any guy I know
by Urrealname November 18, 2014

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