1. Word used to describe extreme excellence; expressing extreme enjoyment of a person, place or thing.

E.g.- "Man, this party is definitely pöd." or "Damn, this band is really pöd."
2. Extreme sexual arousal.

E.g.- "Damn, after watching Showgirls, I can't believe how pöd I am."
by Kyle February 29, 2004
To turn a person's backpack inside out, place their stuff back inside, and zipper it up. Usually takes place during class while the owner of the backpack is not paying attention and is done for a laugh when they try to pick up their backpack, realizing the straps are not there.

Origin: Schenectady High School
Andy definitely got podded when he went to get a drink from the water fountain during Spanish, yesterday.
by KissTheStars December 05, 2006
past over dosed
"My nigga lets get PODed, so high, so high, reefer and blunts is all thats needed."

by Incline January 27, 2004
To convert a movie or video into ipod format.
Hey dog, have you poded that movie yet?
by cornyname89 September 09, 2008
pod short for paulaodual a transsexual in Ireland
pod = paid on delivery
pod = paulaodual ------to many examples for o dual to list here ??????
by paulaodual August 06, 2008
Pods means a piece of dog shit. While pos is derogatory, Pods is worse or lower
P.O.D.S James: Hey Jones there 's that Pods Jim Jones: He ain't a pos he is a P.O.D.S
by bethel100 July 10, 2016
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