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Girl between the age of 14 and 16 that is under 5 foot. Wich makes her pocket size. That has boobs the size of 34B or bigger. Always wears something that shows of cleavage and make sure to hike up and push her boobs out as much as possible. Hunts men 18 and above and usually blue balls them or gets them in jail.
Dude did you see that little "Pocket Whore" at the movie theater.

Lets go find some "Pocket Whores" befor we turn 18.

Look at that gang of "Pocket Whores" over there.

Damn "pocket whores" were are all the girls that wont put me in jail.

Look at the boobs on that "pocket whore".

O look "pocket whores".
by Walter Fishington September 20, 2010

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