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if you're pocket raped then someone put their hand into your coat or jacket pocket. it can also be when you put your hand in your own pocket and whack people while your hand is still inside.
"why've you got your hand in my pocket? POCKET RAPE!"
by georgeofthetown January 13, 2010
not for the faint of heart, this is something you do to a person when they have no pockets on their shirt. you gently walk up to them and slide your hand down their pant pocket, aka pocket rape them. an informal greeting.
Walk up to a friend and slide your hand down their unsuspecting front / rear pockets. great conversation starter. you just pocket raped them.
by pocketraper September 05, 2011
When someone asks you if how much money you have on your person and when you show them they proceed to help themselves.
Girl: How much change do you have on you?

Guy: This much (shows her contents of his pocket)

Girl: Ooh, I need 52 cents (takes fifty two cents)

Guy: Wait! No! ... that was a blatant case of pocket rape, I said no.
by GinSeven December 01, 2010
When someone in a single, brash move confiscates both your property as well as your dignity.
So last week I came home to found all of my belongings out on the street. My roommate, who is also my brother, apparently neglected to pay his part of the rent, and we got evicted. In the end, I got pocket raped out of $180 to buy the big ass tent I'​m currently living in.
by Pocket Rapist April 08, 2010
It is when you stick either your right or your left hand in a guys shirt pocket
She pocket rapes random people.
by Jumpfreak February 28, 2016
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