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This word is a derogatory term to explain an inflamed Liberal person. I used it once to describe my friend, John, and it seems to have caught on within my group of friends. I refer to the Far-Left, as "pocket fuckers" because they like to fuck you RIGHT where it hurts, in the pocket (more specifically, the one holding your money).
"Hey, you know what, this guy is a real pocket-fucker! He won't even tip the waitress, then wants me to give him money to buy some cigarettes."

"Why can't these fucking pocket fuckers realize that we need to stop taxing and start acting!"

"Pocket fucking liberals. Can't live with them because the air isn't clean enough, can't shoot them because there aren't any guns."
by KentPsych018 March 03, 2010
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someone who engages in the act of pocket fucking. pocket fucking occurs when two individuals forcefully insert their hands into each others front pockets.
you're such a pocket fucker!
ooh pocket fuck me.
by m&m January 25, 2005

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