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To bullshit, leave out details or pull one's leg. To completely mislead, shaft and fuck one over.
Corey: Yo Zack, Jessica totally made out with this hot chick last night!
Zack: Who?
Corey: Your girlfriend, Stephanie.
Zack: You PoBuckin son of a bitch!

Bucky: Hey Charlie, wanna go to the titans game on Sunday?
Charlie: Yea dude, as long as the seats arent in the nosebleeds.
Bucky: They are front row 50 yard line!
Charlie: You better not be PoBuckin me!

Dunne: Floyd! You ever going to leave the house?
Floyd: Hell yea, Going to hit the bars and get shitfaced tonight!
Dunne: Don't PoBuck me.
by Crucial Nutsack September 22, 2010
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