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To just chill with hot bitches and possibly get some. Meaning that you are "pimpin" not to sell their sex but to just be cool and chizzill and go to the club.
Last night me and Adam were po-pimpin wit these three bitches.
by J-Munny March 14, 2006
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The low class pimpin. Putting wal mart spinners on your 89 Ford stationwagon and acting like a stupid wigger.
Yo man. U Gots ta be po-pimpin wit da wal mart spinnas and wearin da gangsta salvation army clothes.
by Steve April 16, 2005
When a person has a cell phone, but no car.
To talk on a cell phone while walking or on a bus stop.
I saw that fool at the bus stop po-pimpin.
by Doug Grimes May 15, 2008

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