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its the definition of the suberbs! you have a nice mall (that is overshadowed by the King of prussia mall so no one goes in) everyone only goes to it for the great resteraunts. and kids drive their parents cars while texting and talking to their friends while using "like" inbetween every other word.

if you want to get on a highway and just go then its the place to be with about every major highway running through it. there is some drugs ecspecially over in the valley, but to a visitor you would never notice. all you would see is a bunch of BMW driving business men on their way to work and lots of houses that all look the same, and a good amount of mansions (mostly closer to whitemarsh and bluebell and up on sandy hill road)

Kids go to plymouth whitemarsh aka pw aka p-dubb aka "that reallllllyyyy long ass school on germantown pike"..."yeah thats it". kids from plymouth try to act hood cause they live near Norristown, but they dont cause its East Norriton (BIG DIFFERENCE) and the valley kids are a little scketchy.
dude 1- yo what r u doing after school man?

dude 2- nothin im prob just gonna go to chipotle or wawa cause my mom is letting me drive the Audi today, i have lax parctice later but after we should def hang out.

dude 1- nah i cant later man i have to get some stuff from this guy over in Plymouth Meeting.

dude 2- the valley?

dude 1- where else
#plymouth #plymouth meeting mall #pw #the valley #norristown
by liketotalydude July 28, 2011
An area just outside of Philadelphia where is absolutely nothing to do. But it's one of the safest places around, next to Lafayette Hill. Later curfue than Conshy, cause not as much shit goes down. Most drugs there are done by kids under the age of fourteen. The local mall is getting better, rather than the shit it was two years ago. The more popular school is PW. Pretty shitty, but it's alright if you stay away from the mice and cockroaches. Overall, an aight place.
"Yo, I'm going to Plymouth Meeting tonight." "But there's nothing to fucking to there."
#pw #philly #mall #plymouth #conshy
by bloodymarie72 January 13, 2011
Ghetto ass town near Philly. Right outside Norristown which is worse.
Nigga got shot in a drive by walkin down germantown pike in plymouth meeting the other day
#plymouth #pw #norristown #philly burb #ghetto
by donthate-love April 04, 2011
Shit capital of the Philadelphia area. The Borough of Plymouth Meeting is made up of 80% black gang bangers and the 20% of the population that is white is unbelievably white trash. Worst part of Plymouth is "The Valley" don't step in there if you are white and want to live. Neighbored by other popular drug and gang violence areas of Norristown and Conshohocken, the whole area is best to avoid all together. The public high school, PW, is an absolute joke, catholic school would be the way to go if you live in this area. Sports teams are ass because the kids are too busy smoking weed and drinking to practice, and Plymouth is usually wrecked by the rich areas in all sports. Basically, if you are black and want some good drugs, move to Plymouth, otherwise, steer clear.
G I'm about to head up to Plymouth Meeting for some bud you want some?
#plymouth #norristown #pw #epiphany of our lord #cms
by buttscratchers November 20, 2010
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