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(Plurbunnies; PLURal : A young raver girl usually wearing skimpy clothes and baggy pants and attends "Rave" music events. Often can be identified as wearing lots of bright clothes, plastic jewelry, and glowsticks. Generally attends late night underground dance parties and has a upbeat positive attitude about everything.

* "PLURBUNNY" is defined by the use of the acronymn "PLUR" meaning Peace, Love, Unity, Respect - a raver "LAW" which by you treat everyone with respect in anything you do. (see Raver)
"Yo man, check out that plurbunny over there....she's HOT!"

"Damn plurbunnies, dont they know this is a 21 and over event?"

"Yes, HOT TOPIC is a clothing store that is fequented by plurbunnies."
by snoopdan.com May 29, 2005