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when u shit in ur hand at night and stick it on ur friends face!
i gave caleb the nastiest plunger last night.
by jr November 10, 2003
1.) A tool you normally use to fix your toilet
2.) Something you put between your butt cheeks and squeeze.
aaron put a plunger inbetween his buttcheeks
by Dustin October 05, 2004
A tool, cleverly devised by early mankind to cause great physical pain, anguish, and extreme frustration. Normally manufactured in asian countries such as Malaysia, China, etc. Normally advertised to "plunge" waste from one's toilet, its actual purpose is far, far darker. This is the instrument of death, the tool of the executioner. Terribly devastative, the plunger, whence soaked with "poopy water," or worse, is a fearsome weapon in the hands of even the youngest of children or oldest of granny.
Beware- Man With Plunger

I was beholden to plunge mine Toilet, but yon Plunger had'st its own ideas.
by El Presidente Puejo April 18, 2006
The worlds greates invention next to toilet paper. A plumbers worst nightmare.
I just took a dump, it was big and brown/
I tried to flush it down the toilet, but it wouldn't go down/
So I tapped it with a pluger, now it's swirling round/
I can't wait till the toilet makes that flushing sound
by dwayne May 11, 2004
Dipping your entire cock into a Wendy's Frosty.
My cock is in this Frosty in the Wendy's bathroom. I am giving myself a plunger in this bathroom stall.
by Nicholas "Kid Jesus" Peters March 22, 2003
Another name for erected nipples that pop out of your shirt.
"Omg that teacher has plungers!"
by smackie.smacks.leprachauns May 28, 2008
When a man shits into a woman's vagina and then fucks her, causing bits of feces to spray back out onto both parties.
"Hey Bill, what's that stain on the bottom of your shirt?"

"I gave my ol' lady the plunger last night, Ed."
by BKO November 19, 2013
An extremely unattractive girl who, by some very unlucky circumstances, is sickly obsessed with you.
Guy: That girl is hideous and she's obsessed with me, it sucks!

Other Guy: Yeah she's a real Plunger.
by blu cheese May 29, 2011