1) i gotta a lotta balls
2) big-ass purple swollen testes in really tight pants. far more pleasureable when used as a peanut bag for boxing practice. also makes a wonderful place to keep your pet newt.
look at that guy. he's definitly smuggling plums.
by Lord Baddkitty December 19, 2003
Top Definition
Plum smuggling is the male version of camel toe. Therefore a plum smuggler is a guy who has male camel toe.
Jim Dangle from Reno 911! is a plum smuggler.
by Kranston June 27, 2005
A pair of Men's shorts so small and tight that it looks like he is smuggling a pair of plums (testicles)
A good example of plum smugglers are old school basketball shorts or Lt. Dangle's shorts on Reno 911.
by Erwin Finklemore October 16, 2007
Male speedo swimsuit. Also see Banana Hammock. The term draws on a comparison of a plum to a scrotum. Because the speedo tames the nut sack in such a way that it is not visible, It is refered to as smuggling. Hence ... Plum Smuggler.
I hope Vito wears a Plum Smuggler to the beach today? He's so hot!
by Tad Turdlike February 10, 2006
1. A vain man wearing incredibly tight lower wear (speedo, bike shorts, unitard), who appears to be hiding plums right around the crotch.
2. A pimp trying to keep his gigolo(s) from being arrested.
1. Oh my GOD! Look at that plum smuggler in the water. I hope he doesn't scare any young children...
2. Damn man... I feel like such a plum smuggler. I can't send the boys out til the popo stop patrolling so often.
by TadBitBored May 13, 2008
Tight shorts in general on males. So tight that testicles are bulging in the crotch. It gives the appearance as if the wearer is smuggling plums in his shorts. Hence the name "Plum smugglers". These shorts are often worn by American tourists abroad.
"Damn, how can you fit your balls in those plum smugglers?"

American tourists usually wear the plum smugglers with a pair of birkenstocks (sometimes worn with socks).

Lt. Dangle from the show Reno 911 integrated the plum smugglers into his uniform.

by DizzleOC April 10, 2008
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