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The other person in a public restroom that prevents one from defecating comfortably. The silence might become so overbearing that the pooper is forced to leave prematurely.

verb: to plop block.
The act of being in a public restroom while someone else is trying to defecate.
girl 1 - "I was trying to poo, but there was a girl who was putting on her makeup in the restroom and would not leave!"
girl 2 - "Man, what a plop block!"

girl 1, shouting from inside the stall - "Stop plop blocking and leave!"
by yonkers211 January 23, 2012
Like cockblocking, but with poop.

If someone is trying to poop in a public restroom and someone else walks in, and the first person is unable to continue pooping until the other person leaves.
I got plopblocked when I heard someone walk into the bathroom.

I totally plopblocked that kid when I went to pee.
by figzah February 05, 2010
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