A word used to describe a girl or woman who has a lot of meat on her bones, but looks good with it. An equal combination of fat and phat.
1.)Lil Kim is looking a little ploopy.
2.) I got a thing for ploopy women.
by Leon88 December 05, 2007
1) A word used in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw (By Manny).

2) The noise when your crap hits the toilet.
Manny: "Hi Ploopy!"


2)*Grunt* PLOOPY!
by J3553ROCKS April 15, 2009
When you go to use the toilet and it already has poop in it from someone else.
Andy went to go to the bathroom and to his surprise he found a ploopy.
by jadyeighty October 06, 2008
Ploopy can mean anything that is bad, it is usually but not always associated with the words.. Bad, Sad, Ugly, Fat, Stupid, Strange, etc.

Antonym of Blooby
1) Eww.. After he looks so ploopy cause he gained 10 pounds
2) Why are you so ploopy to him?
3) You make me look like ploop
4) Your looking Ploopy today =
by ItzMePops December 26, 2009
1. A term that is used after raising much suspense about a subject, to annoy the person you are talking to.
1. Omigod, I have something really important to tell you but don't get upset...........(they say ok, tell them).......................ploopies!!!!!!!!!
by SuperAwesomeSexiestPersonEver October 27, 2011
A person which is cute and a bit helpless.
That guy looks really Ploopy, I think we should help him to find his mom.

Look what a Ploopy puppy, I want it!
The foulest stench known to man. Often given as a name to those who suffer extreme flatulence. The smell of a Ploopy killed the dinosaurs. Often accompanied by a cloud of acidic green gas.
Wow, that's bad. It's a Ploopy
by Legen wait for it DARY March 08, 2011
In short: retarded
Damn he's ploopy


She is such a ploop
by princesa July 11, 2004

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