adjective. (pronounced "pleer" or "plear.")
1. plir is a general word for lame, uncool or sucky. Plir is everything you don't want to be.
Plir can be abbreviated for IM use as "plr."
"Oh my god, Suzie, did you see Mr Brown's tie today? It was so plir!"
"I know, it was the ugliest color ever!"
by Tori Aurelie Blank September 14, 2007
Top Definition
Another word for Odd or Lame.
I can't believe he did that. He's so plir.
by Kayleigh Xo 0516 September 15, 2007
it's a negative word.
a synonym for lame or weird.
Thats SO plir OR you're such a plir.

by ZestyK September 13, 2007
noun- (pleer): when something is odd; not right
It was 40 degrees on a summer day, that is very plir for this time of year.
by Haley Cheetham September 13, 2007
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