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An unexpected force, or blow to a mans nutsack as he is recieving a blowjob. This enexpected blow is usually the result of slighting or angering the "Blower" prior to the blowjob.
EX: Dude, I shit in Sophies Parent's bed last night during the party....I thought she didnt know but later on when I was getting a BJ, She Plibbed me!!!

EX 2:: Sophie--Yeah, that asshole SHAT in my parents' bed!! Can you believe that?

Sophies Friend- What? He really shat in your parents; bed? Really? How'd you get him back?

Sophie:: Well, he wanted a blowjob after doin that, and I guess he didnt think I knew-- so I just punched him in the nuts as soon as he took off his pants. TOTAL PLIB!
by Jimmy-Crack-Corn August 10, 2008
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