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The feeling of having every emotion known to man, simultaneously occurring inside you, happiness to sadness to fear, the whole shebang. Originates from the feeling one has after watching an episode of Doctor Who. The most common facial expression that can be used to identify Plethoremotion is the " :O " face and at times, even the "jizz in my pants" face. It can be clearly defined by thinking of one million million million million million roller coasters of emotion, that are on fire and filled with liquid nitrogen flying off the rails in concert and falling into a pit of flowers and skeletons while fireworks explode all around them, accompanied by dramatic music played solely on the piano. Similar feelings are also, the one where you can't feel your heart any more, or it feels like there is a hole in its place.
"awh man, i just sat through a Doctor Who marathon...I'm just"
by The purple flying hippo June 04, 2013
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