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A type of speech impediment where the speaker cannot pronounce the "R" sound an thus replaces it with a "W" sound.
Someone with a plert might say, "The bwight, wed woses seem to be on fiyoh." instead of "The bright, red roses seem to be on fire."
by who knows? October 18, 2004
the worst insult EVER! the insult used when drunk and real words evade you. a hidden word that others cannot decipher, making the remark even funnier to your inner circle of friends, while more humiliating to outward individuals.

from the derivative, "Eat plert and plie, platch."

or "Eat dirt and die, trash."

Daniel I.S., you're such a plert! Probably the biggest plert ever!
by CGFOAFT September 22, 2008
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