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The act of taking a dump on a womans chest, then ejaculating on the poop, mixing it up, and injecting it in your bloodstream.
I ran out of drugs, so i pleeted with my girlfriend to satisfy my needs.
by Michael Mc Allister October 24, 2007
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Another name for pecks. Guys who take good care of there body and keep a physically active life style tend to get these. They are located in the area where women have there tits. Namely the chest. Pleets have a good shape and are usaually firm and muscular. wish I had deadly ass pleets
Nick played Football without a shirt and showed off his well developed pleets.
by Kailua boy January 31, 2004
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Any kind of pill. Perscription or otherwise.
Guy 1- "Yo did you pick up them real life pleets?"
Guy 2- "yay, they were pink E in the brain."

Guy 1- "them fuckin pink pleets got me pleeted as fuck"
Guy 2- "Dope."
by adambitch August 22, 2009
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