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A form of saying "please" or as some would see; an extended version of, "plaz".
This would usually be used in comedic informal phrases. In no circumstance can you use this phrase in a serious conversation. Kinda obvious.
"I don't think so plaze"
"Oh plaze!!"
"I want some more plaze"
by SwiftKiller November 30, 2006
the equivalent of "Please"
Chris: Will you give me h?
Hoot G: No.
Chris: Plaze!
by Charf May 22, 2004
to smoke marijuana and take part in an athletic activity including all physical sports and fifa 11 and nba 2k11 on a gaming console (preferably PS3 for class) and excluding all types of baseball.
Hey Newway, would you like to plaze at my house today and play basketball.
by Daris Newway April 21, 2011
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