The greatest system of all time, hands down. Even coming a year before XBox it is still superior because it has good games with actual gameplay instead of graphics. And if you want a game with good graphics check out Gran Turismo 4 so you can stop complaining like a little bitch. Those who have XBox try to recruit stupid morons into getting such a waist of money so they don't feel bad. For every good game XBox has Playstion has about 200 good ones. Those who are true gamers own a Playstation or a Nintendo. Those who own an XBox are wannabe gamers and will never be a real one.
Hey look that guy has an XBox, lets rape him in a dark alley with a lead pipe until he screams with blood dripping down his ass and mouth because he screamed so much. There's a guy with a Playstation 2. Now that's a guy with real taste. I'll give him a million dollars. Hell I'll give him everything I own because it is such a perfect system.
by Solid Snake March 03, 2005
PS2 is Da Shit of 6th Generation Gaming,
it had most of the good games sold roughly 111.15 million to date and has had a long successful lifespan
and Completely Pwned Xbox wich was Microsoft's obvious attempt to try and overtake yet another market
When it was launched the Playstation 2. was just a glorified DVD player costing around 400$ US Approx
but today has become the cheapest and best game systems you can pickup lots of great games too!

"only thing that sucked about PS2 was the fact the hype killed dreamcast....Fuck"
by TwinsanityNtranced May 20, 2007
A good system with goood games whos reputation is tarnished because it breaks easily(although I've had mine for years and it still works fine)
by Anonymous September 09, 2003
A console disliked by people who enjoy playing the same game over and over and over- because let's face it, the x-box and gamecube don't have many good games, but many of the good ones get a ps2 port pwiddy quickly.
by Gumba Gumba June 02, 2004
Playstation 2 isn't THAT bad of a console...o_O It has good games, such as Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and etc.
Playstation 2 is cool, but Gamecube is the best in Speedlight's opinion!
by Speedlight July 02, 2003
Apparently, an excuse for homophobia, sniping and petty bickering...
2 is for twice the insults, with the new Sony playstation2. Incidentally, we can't be bothered to press shift or spacebar - it's PlayStation 2, by the way.
by Jordan February 15, 2004
Worst console ever to come to the market, a pentium2 350mhz processor couldnt run halflife over 35fps, if you buy this paperweight you should be shot
waste of money
by Trevor Foster November 14, 2003

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