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n. Your sarcastic, hypothetical Platinum credit card so you can feel make believe rich for a split second.
Girl "Honey, i neeed those Choo's... Will you get them for me? Pleeeeaaaase...."

Guy "Sure!"

Girl "Really?!"

Guy "I'll just stick them on my big, fat f***in' platty!"
by NRAL May 13, 2010
aka Bud Light Platinum
Just bought four tall platty's tonight, should be feelin nice in a few hours.
by Drinkinemnow December 01, 2012
PLATTY OF CHORLEY! sikk guy! top m8s! Generaly has a large penis.
platty of chorley m8s wiv some sound ppl
by chris platt January 09, 2008
a dude who lives in kent and shags computers, lil mofo. it never used 2 b a hard drive...
you: hello, u aint been a platty again hav u?
friend: sorry the usb was irresistable
by Daz January 04, 2005