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Cuddling between two people, free from romantic or sexual desire, for either emotional closeness and sense of security, or physical comfort and warmth.
I was feeling lonely last night, so my best friend and I had some platonic cuddling.
by LilithXIII July 02, 2011
The act of being close of cuddling with another person, for security or feeling happy. Theres no romanic or sexual desire.
Me and my friend did some Platonic Cuddling last night because I was very stressed.
by LittleNemo 078 April 13, 2016
The act of snuggling between two friends that tends to lead to a hand jibber or mouth jibber.
Girl: I'm not doing anything tonight. We're just platonic cuddling.

Guy: Sure...
by Thuggleupagus March 17, 2015
What you call it when you want to get down with someone, but don't want to put it in any certain terms. Usually when one or both parties are involved in a relationship with someone else.
Girl: Hey, you want to come over tonight?
Guy: What for?
Girl: Some "platonic cuddling."
Guy: Right, I'll bring the condoms.
by zknb August 20, 2008
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