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The cougar can also obtain this belt. If she ends the relations, the boy gets the belt. If he ends the relations, the cougar gets the belt.
**Also, if either party is intoxicated. It does not count**
They were at a party, and they hooked up. The cougar was drunk, so the hook up does not count towards the platinum belt.
by shorty444 October 24, 2010
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This Belt is obtained when a male engages in sexual intercourse, with that of someone whom has cougar stats. The cougar must be married, without children, and at least 15 years older then the male. Also the cougar must be concidered a hottie, by the males peers. This is the highest degree of belts for a male to achieve and the act must be completed at least 3 times before the belt is obtained with the same partner.It is not an easy belt to get.
Tom was 18, and his co-workers wife was 33. She was hot, no children and she knew things he had no idea about. After 3 months of hooking up with her, he obviously obtained his platinum belt....and a little more.
by luvmelater August 13, 2010

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