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a young French all-woman rock'n'roll band that formed a few years ago. They consist of:

Katty Beanard - vocals + guitar

Marine Neuilly - guitar

Louise Basillein - bass

Anais Vandevywere - drums.

Their sound is based on post-punk and New Wave styles, pretty similar to another great all-woman band from the 80's, the Go-Gos. The singing is done in both English and their native French. Their first album was LP1, which featured the hits "Loser", "Pop In, Pop Out" and the Joan Jett -inspired "Shake". Late last year they released "about love" - it's one of the best albums put out last year. Check them out, they're one terrific export from France.
1. The Plastiscines got their name from "plastiscine", a word found in the lyrics of the psychedelic Beatles hit "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds". That word itself refers to a glue or cement which is sold in the U.K. and Europe.

2. The Plastiscines are the vanguard of what may well be a revival of rock'n'roll music. For over a decade there has been chumpy boy bands, gangsta (c)rap, American Idol puke pop, phony country, phony punk, phony r & b, stupid airheads who have zero talent who shake their butts (with dancers behind them), lip-syncing to a disc while people gawk in an empty-headed way, and other bullshit. Now here is an all-female rock group that writes and sings their songs and actually plays their own instruments. Yes they are young, cute and French (ooh la la) but they make and perform SONGS. Music is their #1 priority. How about them apples?

3. There's other fresh new bands too - the Danish boy/girl (ala Eurythmics) duo the Ravionettes, Datarock from Norway, the French band Phoenix and the new guitar goddess from Down Under - Orianthi Panagaris - all who are worth hearing. After so many years of musical hell and the "Worst Decade Ever" (the 00's), rock'n'roll and its culture may finally be coming back to life again. I hope so.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice February 07, 2010
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