Someone that lives a similar lifestyle to "hippies" of the past. While they may not be earth freaks. They know whats up when it comes to music. They have a deep passion for trues music. With that comes the interst for new and umpcoming bands. Plastic Hippies live a very laid-back lifestyle which includes hanging with friends, doing stupid things, sleeping, going to concerts, and yes smoking the good old reefur. Plastic Hippies may sometimes dress like the steriotypical hippie but they may also wear more modern casual clothes.
Usually a classification/steriotyping

"Man those kids are such hippies smoking their weed and such"

"Nah man those are Plastic Hippies they arnt all obsessed with recycling....they are much cooler"
by Aiden Cole July 02, 2009
Top Definition
Back in the late 1960s and early 1970s, an individual who would join the "true" hippies at concerts and events, but who was not committed to the hippie cause. Plastic hippies had straight jobs, short hair and were beholden to the "man." They wanted to be a part of the hippie movement without fully committing to the lifestyle and ideals.
"The Hippie has been replaced by the pseudo-Hippie, the plastic Hippie, the weekend Hippie." 1973, Eric Berne
by harris1969 January 21, 2010
one who wears tie dye, and claims to be part of the hippie revival. in yet has no political views and realy just attempts to follows the trend of a typical (early)hippie. being a hippie is not about tie-dye or peace signs it's about being happy with yourself and not careing what others think and also being open minded on politics and drugs.
that abercrombie shirt has a peace sign on it let's get it!! typical ''plastic hippie''
by killerkill August 25, 2008
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