extremely wickid
man, that movie was plasmic
by The Develupa November 02, 2003
Top Definition
Said of the quality of an object, action, or person the coolness thereof is beyond the descriptive capacities of the English language. It carries the connotation of something that is so insanely off-the-charts awesome that it defies all attempts at classification or comprehension via analogies, borrowing from the scientific definition of plasma as a phase of matter that is neither solid, liquid, nor a normal gas.
Wallace and Gromit is like the most plasmic cartoon ever!
by Imaginate September 30, 2004
Invented in the cartoon "Zits" by the main character, it means "cool" or "awesome" with a laid back feel.
Steve: How was last night with Katy?
Bob: Plasmic
by HK-44z May 29, 2005
Cool, tight, awesome. Invented by Jeremy Duncan.
"Man, that movie was plasmic!"
by Dylan Richardson October 20, 2004
means awesome. incredible. cool. all those words
How was you weekend?
Plasmic. I got laid 7 times
by ellie February 22, 2005
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