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Another word for pwned (owned), or somthing that is pwnage (ownage).
Mage 1: OMG I so just plashed that level 40 warrior noob!

Mage 2: NICE that is so plash :P

Dude 1: lolz Gizmo so plashed katie with the door slam a min ago.
by MGAM May 24, 2007
Rolling Balls (on Ecstasy) super hard with tons of hot girls and having an amazing night.
Dude! last night i got MEGA Plashed!
by Easty Beasty August 13, 2010
slang for 'plastic cash', such as bank debit cards or other plastic form of immediate cash payment
"Milton Bradley's new line of games use plash, not cash."
by Mephisto6659 October 25, 2007
splash is a word. it is splash in another spelling
itz wen u hit da water n u splash sum1
by JazzyFizzle224 April 21, 2007
I, frankly, don't believe this definition, but apparently a 'plash' is a 'small or light splash'...of course...
"Oh my! A feather just fell into that puddle and made a plash!"

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