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1. The newest system at supporting schools of tracking tardies (in addition to other things, if they so choose).

2. The ridiculous machines that rent-a-cops and administrators carry and scan your ID with/print you a pass with when you are in the hallways at a bad time.

3. The biggest waste of money that schools could possibly consider.

4. Partially the reason why some schools STILL don't have the money for air conditioning. *cough*

5. The system that makes schools feel more like a prison... although the PlascoTrac site insists that they "believe strongly that schools can maintain a feeling of safety, security, and discipline without creating a prison-like environment."

See also Plasco'ed
- I can't believe that rent-a-cop whipped out the PlascoTrac on me! I was just getting a book from my locker during lunch.

- A school gets a camel, flatscreen TV's, 20 new computers and PlascoTrac but still insists it can survive without air conditioning.
by Glenbardian August 31, 2010
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