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1. The result of not being through said 'threshold' of a class when the bell has completely stopped ringing.

2. The act of getting your school ID scanned by a machine, getting a tardy on your school record and receiving an unexcused pass from an administrator or rent-a-cop.

3. What happens to the poor defenseless saps who attend a Plascotrac supporting school when they are in the hallways without a pass... whether they have a good reason or not.
-Don't Plasco me, bro!

-Dude, I totally just got Plasco'ed for lunch while trying to move my car during lunch.

-I saw the light, I made it through the 'threshold' and then the demons pulled me by the collar out of the classroom and had me Plasco'ed just because they could. So then I wasted about 15 minutes walking to the nearest station and back to class...
by Glenbardian August 31, 2010
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