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The dangerous build up of dental tatar on the penis of a man. This horrific transfer can only take place when putting one's cock into the oral cavity of a human lacking dental hygiene and has an enormous amount of plaque build up. The grotesque act of plaque transfer from mouth to cock is achieved when ejaculation has occured and the chemical reaction of semen meeting plaque bonds the cock to the plaque. There is often a struggle to remove the cock from the partners mouth as the bond occurs almost immediately after release. The cock is then left with a plaque ring around the nearest point of where the semen has gathered in the partners mouth. Plaque cock is very displeasing to the eye and is difficult to remove as the only known way to remove is with the use of a strong chemical agent and steal wool. Blow job enthusiast beware, with dental hygiene at a all time low, plaque cock has reached a epidemic level. Although there are no known cases of plaque cock being transferred from one's cock to anothers mouth, it has been known to cause issues when a full plaque ring around the cock penetrates a womans vagina. In this case it has been known to cause the females vagina to smell of old roast beef and eventually cause the vagina to bond together from the plaque. Also known as plaque pussy.
Tommy-"Jimmy you won't believe who gave me a mean blow job the other night!" Jimmy-"who's the lucky gal?". Tommy-"trina!" Jimmy-"dude do you really think that was a wise move? She's got really bad dental hygiene! Aren't you afraid of getting a bad case of plaque cock?". Jimmy-"OMG! Is that why she never smiles? We did it in the dark. I thought she was being kinky when my jerky went off in her mouth and then seemed to be fused to my cock after that!". Tommy-"you better get that checked out." Jimmy-"I've had this very distastful ring around my cock since that night!". Jimmy-"oh yeah, you've got the plaque cock alright! You've got the plaque cock.". Tommy-"shit man! Bitch should be keeping that grill clean. Fucking plaque cock!"
by jujuman74 April 26, 2010
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