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A game which can be played on the internet (mini version - 15 levels) or on a computer (full downloaded of CD version) and some iPods. The game is rather addictive, and the object of the game is to protect your house and ultimately your brains from the horde of undead trying to attack from your roof, front yard and back yard using plants. These plants include pea shooters of various forms, wallnuts (a nut that blocks the zombies), water lilies (for planting things on water), sunflowers (to provide sun so you can plant more plants) and mushrooms on night levels. There are also mini games such as Zombotany and Zombie Nimble Zombie Quick, and a Zen Garden where you can grow plant life to sell to Crazy Dave (the crazy neighbour/shopkeeper in the game) for money, which is used throughout the game to buy things for your Zen Garden or useful plant upgrades. May lead to cases of inzombia
Person: What are you playing?
Me: Plants vs Zombies
Person: Is it any good?
Me: Yeah, actually it's rather addictive
by selenetythecat March 11, 2010
Released in 2009, Plants vs Zombies defined a genre by choosing not guns, but PLANTS. Since it's release, about 10,000 other apps have been released trying to copy it. They essentially have to get high as fuck on any substance of their choice and using this state of mind come up with some fucked up idea to rip off the game.
I searched up Plants vs Zombies and kept on scrolling to see how many rip-offs there were. I don't remember when I stopped. (keeps on scrolling)
by Mr Garbell! July 05, 2016
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