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GW2 stands for Guild Wars 2. This is a PC game which is due to be released on 28th August 2012 or 25th August 2012 if you have pre-purchased the game.

There will be many guilds and servers and many people have already been deciding what guilds and servers they will play on as GW2 will be a huge game!

Gamer 1: I cannot wait for GW2 to be launched so I can play with my friends

Gamer 2: Yeah me too what server will you be on?

Gamer 1: I will be on Desolation with Galactica guild

Gamer 2: Can I join

Gamer 1: Sure, sign up on their website galacticatws.enjin DOT com
by GalacticaRecr August 19, 2012

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