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(n) An ordinary-looking, average girl. Not so bad when compared to a fake-titted, body-pierced, tattooed slut.
Aurora is a plain Jane, but she's a dynamo in the sack.
by keyshaw August 11, 2004
Ordinary, average female, moderately attractive but mentally stable.
I'll take a plain jane over a hot psycho-bitch every time, man.
by John Ronald November 19, 2007
(noun; adj.) a proper fitting name given to a female that attends preparatory school who is clothed very...well, very plain. Displays minimum or no makeup. One who gives off a sweet aroma. Only befriends other Plain-Jane's. ( or in some cases, wanna-be Plain Jane's.) Often caught in field house(s), hallways, buses, or isolated buildings after hours, getting "all the action."
Girl 1: Say! Look at that Plain Jane getting all the action on the first seat of the bus!

Girl 2: Neat-O!.....Oh hey, check out that wanna-be Plain Jane making out with her pillow.
by theinformant00000019 December 16, 2010