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(n) An ordinary-looking, average girl. Not so bad when compared to a fake-titted, body-pierced, tattooed slut.
Aurora is a plain Jane, but she's a dynamo in the sack.
by keyshaw August 11, 2004
Ordinary, average female, moderately attractive but mentally stable.
I'll take a plain jane over a hot psycho-bitch every time, man.
by John Ronald November 19, 2007
A Marijuana cigarette without any tobacco products added
"Hey man wanna smoke a blunt?"
"Nah this weeds to good, let me get a paper, ima roll a plain jane
by Vapethegrapeape June 12, 2016
A woman who is neither very attractive nor very ugly. She tends to be right in the middle of the spectrum or the top of the Bell Curve.
Amelia became a feminist because she was a Plain Jane. Men didn't really notice her when she walked by, because she just wasn't very attractive. Feminism told Amelia that men are shallow, disgusting pigs and she believed it, because she saw all of her attractive friends getting flirted with in front of her.

Being a Plain Jane is kind of like being a man, you're going to have to work.
by Edog36 September 23, 2015
(noun; adj.) a proper fitting name given to a female that attends preparatory school who is clothed very...well, very plain. Displays minimum or no makeup. One who gives off a sweet aroma. Only befriends other Plain-Jane's. ( or in some cases, wanna-be Plain Jane's.) Often caught in field house(s), hallways, buses, or isolated buildings after hours, getting "all the action."
Girl 1: Say! Look at that Plain Jane getting all the action on the first seat of the bus!

Girl 2: Neat-O!.....Oh hey, check out that wanna-be Plain Jane making out with her pillow.
by theinformant00000019 December 16, 2010
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