term for the acute gastrointestinal distress that occurs 30 minutes to 2 hours after consuming pizza hut "pizza". symptoms include: crippling stomach cramps, cold sweats, explosive diarrhea and a feeling of impending death.
charlie (doubled over in pain, shaking and sweating): i gotta get to a bathroom. i'm gonna die!

dennis: dude, we're stuck in traffic in the holland tunnel!

charlie (leaping from car) fucking pizza butt!
by charles loco April 06, 2009
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A fan name given to C.C. of Code Geass because she has a big ass and is constantly eating pizza.
Jim: Man I'd tap that Pizza Butt.
John: You know her pussy is probably filled with cheese.
Jim: ...
John: ...
Jim: I have a cheese fetish.
by \g August 08, 2008
Butt acne. Acne of the butt. Booty acne.
That girl had some mad pizza butt. White heads? Brown heads more like it.
by Pgdizzle February 16, 2015
1. Essentially a large ass but without the widespread appeal of a badonkadonk. Most often occurring in the obese/overweight community(caused by excessive consumption of pizza or other fattening foods) but has also been know to appear on out of shape individuals. The term is most likely derived from the shape the ass takes once it reaches a certain level of fatness/lack of exercise it starts to lose its healthy round shape and turns triangular resembling the shape of a slice of pizza.

Proper Noun
2. Name of a song by the very talented mc chris.
1. If Debbie's big ass didn't eat Baskin-Robbins all the time maybe she wouldn't have that pizza butt.

2. mc chris blew my mind when he performed "Pizza Butt" on stage!

"I got the jam, the jam that make you go to work, work, work, work that pizza butt!"
by T-Jon July 14, 2009
The disgusting odor that one has after working in a pizzeria for any length of time. It is gross combinatiton of grease, flour, pizza, and any other food product that you can imagine.
Gabby: "Come over right after work, we need to talk."
Kristen: "I can't. I need to decontaminte myself from pizzabutt before I do anything. Ill be over after I shower."
by greenfhka February 22, 2010
having acne on the butt
wow in the locker room during gym i saw part of her butt and she had a pizza butt.
by isuk October 27, 2009
also known as pizza hut

Disgusting food made by Pizza Hut Co. composed of pooperoni, peese, and diarrhea squirts.
Smell my butt, it's a Pizza Butt!

Let's go to the Pizza Butt!

Damn, your cooking tastes like something from the Pizza Butt!
by Charles Lee Rame May 24, 2005
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