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Near universal slang in the U.S. Marine Corps for the lowest passing rifle or pistol qualification (Marksman) because of the appearance of the badge one earns for that low of a score.
"I'm going to qual expert on the range this year"
"Doubt it. The only thing you're going to get is the pizza box"
by Pylon0311 October 01, 2012
A syle of chassis for a Personal Computer. So called because they are usually similar dimensions to a cardboard Pizza box from a take-away restaurant. Pizza Boxes are slimline in comparison to regular full-size PCs.
The Mega ST was the same as a regular Atari S computer except for the Pizza Box form-factor
by Shalroth May 15, 2005
During a threesome with 2 guys and a girl, one guy is hitting it from behind while the other recieves a bj and a pizza box is placed on the back of the girl.
Remember that time we pizza boxed that one bitch.
by Deuce Skrilla February 02, 2007