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Hot female video game/cgi avatar. In video games these characters are played my nerdly repressed males showing latent homosexuality.
"They should come out with a game where we are playmates and have pillow fights at the playboy mantion"

"d00d, just because your a pixel chick doesnt mean i wanna get with yah!"
by jrtjr January 30, 2004
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A pixel chick is one of the saddest of creatures, generally female, over thirty years of age, and having no significant emotional relationship in her 'real life', finds an online boyfriend who usually ends up being attached to someone else or even married in his own 'real life'. Pixel Chicks are easily gotten rid of, a change of a disposable game, email, or Skype account and you don't even have to deal with the dreaded 'break up scene'. Standard calendar holidays do not apply to this type of girlfriend, typically celebrated the day AFTER the actual holi-date. For example, Valentine's day, February 14th, is for the wife, Valentine's Day for your Pixel Chick is February 15th. A Pixel Chick's desirability usually expires anywhere from a period of six weeks to six months. Once the Pixel Chick finds herself dumped once more, she will eat copious amounts of ice cream for several days, log back online, and try again.
No, Debbie is my wife, Christina my side chick, and Michelle is my pixel chick; gotta keep them straight man.
by SpiritusEqua October 22, 2016
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