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The combonation of being moderately inebriated and acting in an overtly sex-positive manner. More-so when the subject would not usually act like this even when drunk.
"Sarah has had a little too much to drink and is acting really slutty to every guy she sees. Maybe someone should put her in a taxi before she does something really pittsy"
by Diurnal November 11, 2011
new word coined from a spelling mistake made on msn, when supposed to write "tipsy"

basically the same meaning, only "slightly" higher up the scale of inebriation.
irnore me spelling mistakes ... getting a weeeeeeee bit pittsy
lol ... tipsy**
woops ... ignore**
by TheOddlyCutCookie July 08, 2010
An idiot. Someone who puts there two cents in when it is unwanted.
Pittsy says "Frog is a term used by jingoistic brutal american assholes to make themselves seem better than other cultures."
by alchemy119 August 31, 2003
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