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The act of a woman blocking her bf facialising her with one hand and then slapping him with the same sticky hand. Once pulling off this ninjs-like move the girl then has every right to shout "bitch" or any similar insult at her other half.
"So then he tried to facialise me which is disgusting, so i pulled off a quick Pittsburgh Creamer."
by ishouldhavesomethingbettertodo August 01, 2009

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The process by which a girl blocks you with her hand while you attempt to give her a facial, and then smacks you in the face while shouting "Bitch!" in an emasculating manner.
Guy 1:
I once tried to give my girlfriend a facial. She blocked it with her hand and proceeded to smack me across the face with it. She then proceeded to say "Bitch!", in a very emasculating manner. That was my first Pittsburgh Creamer, bro.

Guy 2: Whoa.
by Jwere August 01, 2009