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The act of a woman blocking her bf facialising her with one hand and then slapping him with the same sticky hand. Once pulling off this ninjs-like move the girl then has every right to shout "bitch" or any similar insult at her other half.
"So then he tried to facialise me which is disgusting, so i pulled off a quick Pittsburgh Creamer."
by ishouldhavesomethingbettertodo August 01, 2009
Is the debilitating disease afflicting many internet users. Symptoms include continually scrolling down a site , such as Facebook or 9gag, automatically and often without thought. Severe sufferers return to the top of the page, seemingly randomly, to repeat the cycle. As a result they will often see the same inane posts man times over leaving them irritable and lethargic.
Gareth: Seriously you should give Facebook a bro man. You've been scroll down your feed all morning.
Jake: I can't stop! I've got a serious case of scrolliosis.
by ishouldhavesomethingbettertodo April 21, 2015

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