The school where boys who feel like they could use some man on man action go to. Central Catholic is located in Oakland, just east of Pittsburgh PA. It is well known for its outstanding sports teams, great education, and for producing the gayest men alive. Being an all boys school, men who go there usually do not interact with the opposite sex.

But as well as being gay, people who come from Central (as the locals call it) are quite often the biggest jack asses ever. There is a constant competition to see who's balls are bigger although no one who goes there have any at all. But this does not apply to everyone, i know someone who is a Central alum. he is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, although, he does admit, he was a complete jack ass in high school. He has since become gay and is just moving out of his parents house, getting a license and finishing his collage education, it has been 8 years since he graduated...
Cool guy: Where do you go to school?

Gay: Pittsburgh Central Catholic

Cool guy: You must be a queer, HE EVERYONE, SHUN THE QUEER!!!!
by a_strait_guy October 04, 2009
Top Definition
A fine educational institution, home to some of the best youth's that Pittsburgh can produce. An all male school, Central has enjoyed much athletic success recently; the football team won the AAAA PIAA State Championship in 2007, while the basketball team won the 2008 AAAA WPIAL championship. The rowing team has also brought home a bronze and silver medal on the national level, for varsity and freshman respectively.

The school has been surrounded in much contorversy over a "tea-bagging" incident.

Central is hated throughout the Greater Pittsburgh Area because of its athletic prowess and academic superiority, sending above 95% of its seniors to college each year.

Many people are stopped on the street, being asked by passers-by if they attend Central. Central is known throughout Pittsburgh as one of, if not the best, high school for males.
Man: "Hey bud, do you go to Pittsburgh Central Catholic?"

Boy: "Ya i do."

Man: "O so your a total badass."
by CCHS11 July 10, 2008
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