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A fine educational institution, home to some of the best youth's that Pittsburgh can produce. An all male school, Central has enjoyed much athletic success recently; the football team won the AAAA PIAA State Championship in 2007, while the basketball team won the 2008 AAAA WPIAL championship. The rowing team has also brought home a bronze and silver medal on the national level, for varsity and freshman respectively.

The school has been surrounded in much contorversy over a "tea-bagging" incident.

Central is hated throughout the Greater Pittsburgh Area because of its athletic prowess and academic superiority, sending above 95% of its seniors to college each year.

Many people are stopped on the street, being asked by passers-by if they attend Central. Central is known throughout Pittsburgh as one of, if not the best, high school for males.
Man: "Hey bud, do you go to Pittsburgh Central Catholic?"

Boy: "Ya i do."

Man: "O so your a total badass."
by CCHS11 July 10, 2008

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