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1) noun - Name for small, rock climbing, Jewish-looking boys. usually known for saying large words in situations that do not call for such behavior. a Pitikus is widely known throughout his community for wearing flannel shirts, and having long locks of curls in their hair. many believe that the best, most useful feature of a Pitikus is the 'high five'. There has never been had a bad high five with a Pitikus. this specimen of Jew uses its awkward, jerky, white people dances to attract its mates.
2) noun- this dude is gay.
Alex- "Hey pitikus."

Pitikus- "yo-ho friend! Ive been a climbin'!"

Alex- " damn i got a D on my test."

Pitikus- "that situation sounds cumbersome buck-o!"

Alex- "........fuck you Pitikus."

Pitkus-" Pip Pip a doodly doo!"
by dr. boobs. April 26, 2010
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