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Indie kids around the world flock to buy and/or download the latest high ranking reviewed album published by the quintessential yet slightly biased indie music site,
Generic Indie Kid #1: (As he laces up his pre-worn converses)
"OMG Pitchfork has just reviewed the new Times New Viking!"

Generic Indie Kid #2: "Shit! Seriously?! That's the new lo-fi noise rock band isn't it?! I'm so downloading that right now."

Metal Head: "The Pitchfork Effect at it's finest..."
by Levis454 January 24, 2008
A cognitive bias in which a subject is judged negatively as a whole based on a single and often circumstantial component. The opposite of the halo effect.
Bob: You’re going to see the new Sex and the City movie? That’s going to suck!
Kate: No, it isn’t. It’s just you and the pitchfork effect.

Bob: You listen to Lady Gaga? How about listening to some real music for once?
Joe: I could care less about your taste in music; that’s just a pitchfork effect.
by ReverseHaloEffect June 29, 2010
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