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Degrees of being pissed off one can encounter!
I pissed her off to her highest level of pisstivity
by Trey Morris December 05, 2004
The universal measurement of how pissed off a person is
Marion reached the 10th level of pisstivity when her crack dealer bailed.
by jbinsandiego August 15, 2008
1.related to anger; occurs when you are beyond mad but between physically hurting another's emotions

2.premad followed by violence
I am so beyond mad --this ain't the first time you have pissed me off into Pisstivity
by gemini05 April 14, 2008
term used to describe the state of being incensed; intense anger.
If you keep fooling around, i'm gonna reach the highest point of piss-tivity imaginable and bash your heads in!
by DarqMage May 12, 2008
To be extremely mad, or upset to the maximum. Usually when using this word your going to be pissed off for a very long time. This word can also be used to describe a mood or feeling in an agressive way.
I am pissed off to the maximum point of pisstivity.
by Eighteen-Hundred September 26, 2009
activities that piss you off.
doing something you don't want to do.
Chad Ochocinco is pissed that the season is over, he says you have to understand his "pisstivities".
by craizee daizee January 11, 2010
Being extremely pissed off at someone or over something. Usually a level off pissed off you've never reached or have only reached a few times before.
"That jerk off just cut me off AND hit my front fender! I reached the highest level of pisstivity at that point."
by aseaisaw March 08, 2009
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