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A person who will potentially piss the shit out of you.
God, Jake is a total pissoff! I'm gonna' beat his ass!
by Remy Gaudin March 14, 2008
19 8
fuck off
Fuck off BOFH
by richie August 08, 2003
71 82
Any person who is constantly pissing you/others off or doing things to piss people off.
Wow that guy is such a piss off!

My ex is a piss off.
by Mz_Katie June 18, 2009
20 34
To eliminate a hard-on (go limp) by peeing instead of ejaculation. This is disappointing to men, so they don't want to go to the bathroom and piss off their hard-on. Then then say they are pissed off, or angry about it.

It has become slang for making someone angry or when something or someone makes a person angry.

Today, women have picked up on this term also, using it as getting angry (but not about their hard-on going away).
I love my errection, but when I go pee it will piss off (original usage).
He is going to piss me off (modern).
by Jimmie Boy May 16, 2006
81 96
A race and timed event to see who can piss the longest after drinking a six pack of old milwakee while holding a glass of ice water thoughout the entire duration.
Gentlemen... let the Piss Off begin!
by Koola User September 04, 2003
25 46
Something that pisses you off
"what a piss off!"
"that was a real piss off!"
by Kranky November 26, 2006
29 52
Australian slang. A party.
"Mate, are you coming to my piss off tonight?"
by Buggeration May 10, 2005
17 59