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An accumulation of dried urine and pubic hairs, most often found growing in and around men's urinals.
"Hey woman, get out of here with them fucking scrubby bubbles. We're building us a piss monkey!"
by NakedReporta February 13, 2008
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Just another run-of-the-mill insult word! ^_^
"*after being killed by someone at CS* you pissmonkey I almost had you!!! >.<"
by Dave January 16, 2004
piss monkey a name given to mice and rats for their constant peeing pooping and destructiveness
I smell a piss monkey and see his calling card I know hes here tearing up stuff

mouse ,rat ,squirrel ,groundhog ,chipmunk
by skyewrighter December 21, 2015
a word generally used to insult another human being.
Oi Pissmonkey.

Pass me that ruler pissmonkey.
by Stephen Linsley October 08, 2007

All the sea monkeys that get left behind after the act... that are flushed out into the waterways of the world.

Frequently used as a manner of swearing without swearing.
God damn piss monkeys!
What the piss monkeys is going on here?
I say, piss monkeys again?
by XopsX June 12, 2003
A Monkey that pisses on you when you go to the zoo.
That piss monkey just pissed on me, its a (fag)
by Cock April 26, 2005
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