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Technique where piss at high pressure and accuracy to remove shit from around the the inside of a toilet bowl after a particular sloppy shit
After examing his stool, Jacob took a piss chisel over the excessive shit which was left over the toilet bowl prior to flushing
by Sam J Mercer August 25, 2008
20 2
When ariving upon the toilet and seeing previous stains upon sed toilet, one decides to use one's piss to chisel away at the stains until sed stain has vanished
I just left sme marks on the toilet for the next person to get their piss chisel on..
by Bravedeini September 01, 2008
14 3
To pee into the toilet to try remove and remove someone elses skid marks
Eddie - Don't you hate it when you go to pee and there are skid marks in the bowl?
Merv - Yeah Dude, and you have to use the piss chisel to try and remove them!
by Birko01 August 09, 2013
1 1