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The most awesome form of currency to ever exist. basic shape is round, approximately 1-2 inches across and made of pure pirate gold. One side always has a jolly roger on it (skull and crossbones) and the other can have anything from a dead ninja to Chuck Norris.
Pirate 1: Arr, Matey! what plan ye to spend ye Pirate doubloons on?
Pirate 2: Arr! Wenches and alcohol. Ye self?
Pirate 1: Arr! the same.
Pirate 2: Arr!
Pirate 1: lets go kill some ninjas, Arr!
Pirate 2: About bloody time, Arr!
#pirate #ninja #lumberjack #viking #chuck norris #wenches #alcohol #jolly roger #currency #arr #matey
by Spencer Crispin September 17, 2008
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