the best there is, sometime annoying, very smart, a scientist, embarrese himself.
ah that guy is piranavan
by <<Legendkiller28>> October 08, 2010
Top Definition
A total social reject. Piranavan refers to someone who has fallen down to the very bottom of the social hierarchy and is now practically invisible in the eyes of others.
He has long given up all hope of being popular. He is prone to nosebleeds and excessivley plays pokemon-themed video games.
Sachin: You think Kanto's a real place!?
Piranvan: No! Shut up Sachin
(Punches Mithilan by accident)
Piranavan: *Nosebleed* *Spaz attack*
Liam: Damn. Looks like someone's about to become a real piranavan.
by Not Arsal April 09, 2009
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